Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

Look for commercial lawn care services that can be regularly scheduled to keep your grass in the best condition. A good commercial landscaping company will monitor all environmental factors and roll out a commercial lawn care strategy designed to keep every property looking its best. From regularly scheduled maintenance visits, to a well thought out fertilizer program, the best commercial landscaping company will have your property looking as pristine as the White House lawn. We’ll also handle any pruning that plants need to isolate and stop diseases, such as fungus, from spreading. ouverture et fermeture de terrains don’t call ourselvesThe Plant Conciergebecause it sounds nice – Our “concierge experience” starts from analyzing your roots to maintaining your lush green landscape no matter the season.
The decorative parasol offers shelter from the midday sun, as well as providing a pretty focal point . Meanwhile, the outdoor fireplace looks fabulous integrated into the brick wall and will keep everyone cozy as they lounge nearby. Hardy, drought-tolerant plants draw the eye upwards, softening the look.
Biological controls are meant to re-invite invasive plants to enemies in order to restore the natural balance and reduce the dominance of the plant. Using one organism to control the growth of another plant organism can be used to fight weed pests. In cases that it is necessary to use herbicide cautiously and read the direction on the labels before using as there is a risk of putting native plants in danger unintentionally.
It’s a great time to fertilize, and to plant new trees and shrubs. Tall fescue – the grass most commonly used in western North Carolina – is a cool-weather grass. It’s best to seed in the fall, so that the grass has time to take root and become established well before the stress of the hot summer months.
I water until the gauge reaches 1 inch and I do this twice a week if we don’t get rain. I have a cute rain gauge like this in one of my flower beds and it really helps me know if I’m watering enough. Maintenance plans can vary depending on what your outdoor space consists of. Based on these things, our maintenance director puts together a customized plan. Over time, you’ll learn to recognize the weeds and distinguish them from intentional plants.
Solution “The gardener sorted through the bed, lifting the perennials, and restored the whole thing to order. I had complete confidence in what he was doing,” says Rosemary. The way you care for your lawn can help prevent pollutants from reaching Maryland’s streams and rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. That’s why we’re always happy to participate at HOA board meetings and be part of landscaping committees that might have been formed for your community. We also love communicating via your social media channels or your newsletter. We want residents to be aware of what’s going on in the landscape of their community, including in areas they might be responsible for themselves.
Learn about borers and what causes them to attack shade trees. The steps, resources and references available to manage weeds in small fruit crops. Despite burning being the most popular management method for prairies, it is not necessarily an option that is available to the university. Therefore, an alternative method or methods must be utilized in its place. The prairie was made possible with support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, in the form of a grant to preserve and restore natural spaces in the Chicago region.
ˈgardener noun a person who works in, and looks after, a garden. An arrangement of living material that is cultivated for food, as a fungus garden maintained by ants. We use a variety of advanced equipment to meet specific job-site needs.

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