Funding Early-Stage European Tech Startups

We partner with companies across the Technology landscape to design and implement optimal capital structures that allow them to execute their business plans. spans a variety of Equity and Debt instruments, and we leverage SVB’s balance sheet to support our clients as they evolve from early stage to seasoned, successful businesses. The potential for above-average returns is often what attracts venture capitalists despite the risk. For new companies or ventures with limited operating history , VC is increasingly becoming a popular and essential source for raising money, especially if they lack access to capital markets, bank loans, or other debt instruments. Our global team aligns our interests with those of our investors and partners for lasting impact.
Opportunities in the technology sector are dynamic and move across the innovation and liquidity cycles. By engaging with companies at every stage, we gain insights that help guide our portfolio companies and inform our investment approach. The firm was founded by Steve McLaughlin, Managing Partner, formerly a senior investment banker in Goldman Sachs & Co’s Financial Technology Group and Financial Institutions Group in New York and San Francisco.
The firm has a focus on B2B startups that involve technology in a number of different industries. We invest in, and partner with, great technology companies to do even greater things. We are a focused investment firm driven by operational value creation at the forefront of innovation. They combine programming and modeling techniques, critical thinking, and business and finance skills to build robust portfolios that create value for their clients and themselves.
The company has about a $20 million capital commitment every year, and the firm is dedicated to changing the way investments are made. They don’t follow the traditional investment route but look to strategically guide startups into sustainability. We’re here to help you wade through the options with this list to the best venture capital firms for startups and who they are right for. We back founders and talented teams at all stages of growth, from startups to established market leaders. We are currently investing from our 14th flagship fund, Battery Ventures XIV, and companion fund Select Fund II, together capitalized at a combined $3.8 billion.
Clients want and deserve the best in overall investment banking services, industry knowledge, relationships and senior level experience. In the complex financial technology sector, we believe no other firm offers a higher set of skills, expertise and mission critical advice to leading CEOs and industry decision makers. When you want to explore your firm’s full potential, consider FT Partners’ full suite of strategic and financial advisory services. With years of transaction experience on some of the largest transactions in history, we bring our unique approach to your firm to maximize value to your shareholders. For KKR, the Tech Growth strategy is about identifying platforms – management teams, businesses, and sectors – where we can invest to build leading global enterprises. Our strategy, which invests primarily through our Next Generation Technology Fund, allows us to invest capital through majority or minority stakes in private companies as well as taking minority stakes in public companies.
One thing is certain – where technology was once difficult to justify, it is now essential for survival. The organization will have fulfilled its mission when all of its clients have achieved growth rates above 20% combined. The Center for Technology and Investment will serve the needs of approximately 500 clients by Month 4 of Year 1. Of these clients, at least 50% will have purchased one or more products from the organization, and 100% will have purchased services.

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